Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ambiance & Radiance Colors Suite 14.04 Released! Finally!

It's been 2 years since the official release of Ubuntu 12.04, That was also the last release of Ambiance & Radiance Colors till now...

Ambiance & Radiance Colors Suite 14.04 is HERE for 2014! we now support Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and it's variants! whoa! who'd thought that would happen? and on release day none the less? Well alot went into it. It took long hours and a lot of sweat and work.

Please note we do not have Deb packages for this release yet :( , Our GPG key on luanchpad is messed up so we need help from those with expertise, We are tired and don't want to muck with launchpad at the moment. we have contacted a few great people to see if that can help us package the theme. we hope to get our PPA working in a little bit, in the mean time we hope 3rd party packages will be available soon. we will update links ASAP. 

Get It Now (Download) >>


Ambiance & Radiance Colors Suite is back for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS! Enjoy the Ubuntu Themes in 9 Beautiful New Colors! Thease colors are hand picked and refined so they pop. Now including brown!
Xfce , LXDE and Openbox now work out of the box with 14.04 version of the theme no more seperate versions.

Colors is back! after a 2 year hiatus. Available on 14.04 launch day!

  So where have you been for the last 2 years?

We have been busy with alot of life stuff, But we got a brief Vacation and decided to go tottally crazy and build and release the theme, it took nearly 12 Hours for 2 days straight. But it was fun and rewarding. Something really out of the normal and fun. It was also very draining and tiring. Don't get us wrong, we had a few protos kicking around for a few weeks but we decided 2 Days before release "screw it" lets make this happen. This is a LTS and we get pumped up.

 We have become very accustom to themes and how they work and we have a very straight forward testing procedure and know what to do and what to look for, so rest assured we test almost every step of the way and there are no major bugs that we have control over.

 So are you going to do this next release too?

 We can't make any promises yet but we would like to, however we would start alot further ahead of time next time :)

 We will be wrineing a blog post showing the process we go through to do the colors themes, It will serve in helping people understand how it is done and how we do it. And how it's not super easy as it looks. the major issue is there is NO automation, we and many others have written scripts but they have not been able to do what needs to be done yet, however we have not given up and we thank all those who have helped.

 We want to personally apologize to all those who have contacted us in the past mouths and not received a response reporting about the theme not working on 12.10, 13.04, 13.10. We would contact you but it has been so long I don't think it would be relevant or wanted.

We have been away, but we hope this release for 14.04 speaks for it's self and shows we care about and appreciate our users. :)

 Thank you for using our themes

More to come!
Hint: Linux Mint Colors?


Monday, February 3, 2014 , A New Part Of The RAVEfinity Vision.

Over 1 year of work and we at the RAVEfinity project are extremely proud (And a little tired) to announce the launch of a new website!! RAVE Wallpapers Brings you 100% Free Open Source Wallpapers, Licensed Creative Commons, Share Alike! All Wallpaper are by US. so they are 100% Free. This new site takes our Free RAVE Wallpaper Collections to a new level. Fully browse-able, Downloadable online or in a zipset! With the site launch we have created over 500 new wallpapers with more being added almost daily! We pushed harder to make the new wallpapers 100 times better then before and will continue to do so.
As Always

As Before we pushed for many colors and many options. but don't let that fool you. Every wallpaper has been scrutinized and refined. All are 3200 By 2000 Resolution. was created to be unlike any wallpaper site before it, It cares about the user, Most images when clicked take you directly to the full size image right away no extra clicks or spam like other wallapers sites on the web. We are Open Source and expect sites to treat you with respect. So we could never design a site that doesn't respect it's users. There are many options available (And more coming soon) that allow you to sorta by category, popularity , download the zip sets. Goto flickr to comment and browse images or view a slideshow.

We use Flickr for our Image hosting (ZIPs are hosted on Google Drive), It's fast High Quality and amazing. With that being said you may be wondering why do you need a website? Because Flickr isn't perfect and isn't really meant to be a "Wallpaper Website" Using straight up Flickr you will find it hard to download full quality versions of images and even browse galleries effectively. We want things to work Flickr makes it a little difficult to download images without a bunch of steps. And browsing lots of images you want to download can be slow. you cant view thumbnails very easily without going into some fancy, pretty, but slow viewer.

Our site fixes this , 2 Clicks On Most images and you will have the wallpaper downloaded. (Vs 3-5 On Flickr) We also index and thumbnail the galleries in faster and more browse-able ways. If you don't believe us Check it out for yourself. Of coerce we also have links if you want to browse are images in Flickr too.
We hope you enjoy the site. And if you'd like to help support us please read the bottom of out homepage or checkout our community page. Spread the word!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

We Are Back (2014) New Stuff Coming Soon (For Real) & Plus Hopes for Ubuntu 14.04 Support Perhaps?

January 18th 2014

First off I want to say a HUGE sorry to anyone who has written or emailed us in the past few mouths asking about Ambiance, Radiance or Humanity Colors. We have been busy with life as well as work (Many types of work, work on our other projecta (More to Come) and work as in 9-5 or 4-12 in our case)

I'm not sure if it's really relevant anymore but I'd like to say sorry for not being able to release a 12.10 release a 13.04 or 13.10 release. However I'd like to explain a few things.

The build process of Ambiance and Radiance and Humanity Colors themes had become very convoluted to a huge undertaking, Literally Hours of Manually renaming folder files and copying lines of code . A Huge Mess. Then Our Launch Pad was giving us issues when we where trying to push a fix for 12.04 XFCE stuff. Plus our interest in a non LTS release of Ubuntu (Whos support time is even less now) was a bit of a bias. That being said we are sorry for not being able to release anything to support new versions and sorry for not being to help anyone asking us how.

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is approaching us, This is a big deal, We want to do something for it but we can't make any promises yet but all I can say Is we are looking at it and seeing what we can do. Some things to note if we do a theme for 14.04. We are gonna start from scratch! We may not release it in our PPA at first! it may be released as a TAR and maybe a DEB and Launchpad if we can get some help, (We have had lots of help in the past from awesome DR AMR but he may be doing other things and we don't want to bother him.) I like making themes but the marketing and packing really kills the fun for me. If anyone is good at running Launchpads and packaging Debs please email us at it would make things a lot better if we could get help with this.

We are going to be launching a new project very soon (In a few days 7-13) after this is done we hope to have time to take a look at what we can do for Ubuntu 14.04!

Stay tuned for a new release of something from us in a few days, And a new website that will support it. Thanks for your time and support.


Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcome to the RAVEfinity Blog.

Thanks for stopping by the RAVEfinity Project's Blog!
This site used to be our homepage however it has now become our official blog.


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Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Behind The Scenes" The Devlopment Of RAVE Wallpaper Collection 1.

RAVE Wallpaper Collection has been in development for well over a year. And it was finally released on Tuesday September 18th We snapped some photos of us working on it before that time. As a behind the scenes type deal!

Observant users will also notice we are testing and using the unreleased version of Ambiance And Radiance Colors 12.04.1 gtk theme!  (See the Blue Colored elements in the theme we are using a new blue!)


Download Or View The Wallpapers In The RAVE Wallpaper Collection Here -->

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Whats In A Name. (Story Behind The Wallpaper Collection Naming)

This is a semi fun post. So some users have noticed the "Clever" or "Funny" Naming of some of the wallpapers in the RAVE Wallpaper Collection 1. 

We had to name a lot of wallpapers (A lot not even included) and we drew inspiration for those names from many places. Music, People , Movies, books and other media.

Here is a highlight of some of the names and what they are from or references to:

Precipice - Refrence to Lights song "Heavy Rope"

The Street And The Cobbler - Reference to the cartoon movie "The Theif And The Cobbler" The Non Signing version. EG: The original/ semi-unfinished work print.

Steele Star - Reference to Canadian actress/singer Cassie Steele.
Shuttleworth Galaxy - Reference to that guy named Mark Shuttleworth Perhaps you know him? :)
Carle Paper Squares - Reference to Eric Carle, Author of the classic "Hungriest Caterpillar" book, this wallpaper mimics the art style sorta.

Down By The Sea - Reference to the "folk" song.

Sandy Bridge - Reference to the processor line by Intel.

Precise Peacock - Reference to Ubuntu 12.04 codename

Maverick Meerkat - Reference to Ubuntu 10.10 codename

Checked Nights - Reference to a race track in Kirby Air Ride. (TM)

Suits You - Reference to a common a saying.

Urban Lines - Reference to "Dashboard Confessional" Song "Standard Lines"

Wooden Plaink-ing - Reference to the weird trend of "Planking"

What It Says On The Tin - Reference to a  English saying.

Plaid Cool - Plaid this a style or design, it sounds a lot like the english work "plain" as in "plain cool"

Heavy Bricks - Refrence to Lights song "Heavy Rope" again.

Zee Amped Leather - Zee was added to make it at the bottom of the file list, Amped is a reference to the popular "Amp Energy Drink"(TM) By Pepsi(TM) without which this release probably wouldn't be possible (I'd probably fall asleep or get tired)!  :)

Rainy Sunday Mornings - Reference to "Michelle Branch" Song "Tuesday Mornings"  
Street Smarts - A saying. Also a old TV show game show?

MetaTrix - A Made up word , but reference to games and applications I wrote back in the day. "Eagle Matrix" (Never released)
Heres a chart of the wallpapers:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

RAVEfinity Wallpaper Collection 1 Released! The Story Behind It.

After two years of hard work RAVEfinity is proud to announce the release of one of our semi secret projects! This one has been in the works for such a long time that it understandably  comes as a relief to release it!

Design of the Wallpaper Project started in 2010. I saw some "cool" wallpapers included by default in some other operating systems. (That Fruit company and Android to be exact) At the time I didn't see alot of truly free wallpapers for linux. Alot where taken from non-free sources or wheren't very freely licensed. Thats fine I guess but I wanted create some truly free wallpapers for linux. Ones that could rival the quality of those on OSX(TM) , Windows(TM) etc. And be completely free just like linux in the mean time. By free I don't mean you can "Freely download it" I mean you can remix it distribute it and adapt it!

Thus began the process of creating a bunch of high quality wallpapers from scratch!. we decided to be very stubborn...

We pushed a design Idea and goal of:

Wallpapers must be 2560x16000 or 3200x2000+ Only no exceptions.

We Provide multiple colors of many of the wallpapers namely the RAVEfinity Tri-Color Design. Dark Blue, Grey, Purple. The Idea behind these colors is that they are nice on the eyes and calming. Another goal was to have wallpapers that will hopefully appeal to both genders. (Thats why we added grey and purple) compared to some wallpapers that only come in Blue and Grey. Again I am no expert in this but that was the goal.

Wallpapers must look good, clear sharp and have no artifacts.

We went through a lot of wallpapers (That we created from scratch and on our own!)
alot we threw out because of only one small unfix-able imperfection. Or we didn't want to include it. but we tryed to push for the best!

An important thing to note is that every one of these wallpapers is by the RAVEfinity project. We took lots of photos and rendered a lot of CGI to bring you this collection of  250 High quality wallpapers. we did not "barrow" and use wallpapers or images from anywher else. Our project created every single one of these.

We wanted to bring 100% free and open source wallpapers to everyone!

All the wallpapers are licensed under: Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike.

So check out the RAVEfinity Wallpaper Collection 1 today! -->
Download now! Spred the word!

We hope to post some of the wallpapers that didn't make the cut as weekly exclusives. on the RAVEfinity Wallpaper Collection homepage. So be sure to bookmark and check that out regularly!

Thank You. We hope you enjoy this release!